Steve Parker   Good Vibrations   West Coast USA

We look forward to welcoming a new speaker – Steve Parker. He was recommended to us by Ellis wines of Richmond who describes him as “absolutely brilliant with a breadth of knowledge and an excellent presenting style”. Steve runs his own company - Cheese and Wine Tasting Events, which offers a wide range of private and corporate events and activities. According to the net he ‘Cooks, eats, drinks, writes, talks and is the author of British Cheese on Toast’. 

We haven’t had a presentation on West Coast USA wines for a very long time so this seemed like a good opportunity as it is a region Steve knows well. He says he is a nostalgic Beach Boys fan (aren’t most of us of an age!) and has selected an excellent representative range of wines spanning the West Coast – from Washington through Oregon to Caifornia – with an equally interesting range of blends and varietals. 

So there you go - the promise of a first class evening, highly regarded speaker and good wines. Not to be missed so please book online on the WSWS website.