Charles Minoprio MW

This is our Christmas special and we are very fortunate to welcome back Charles Minoprio for his third visit to us to make what will be another exceptional presentation. Following his previous tours de force with port and sherry, Charles is turning his attention to that other great fortified wine - Madeira. Did you know that Madeira was poured during Thomas Jefferson's toast at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, or that it was savored at the inauguration of George Washington shortly thereafter, or that the island's wine making history dates back to at least the 15th century? Well - Charles' other great love is history and we are sure he will interweave the rich history of the island of Maderia and its wine.

Like sherry and port, Madeira is a complicated wine and comes in a range of styles from a dry aperitif wine to rich, sweet dessert wines. He has selected a range of wines for us to demonstrate the range of styles and will finish with two high quality wines - the last being very special both in quality and cost.

Charles will provide a hugely interesting, entertaining and enjoyable evening - the perfect lead up to Christmas. Numbers are limited so if you have not already booked do so now - and don't forget there are special booking conditions for this meeting.