February Meeting

A Taste of Georgia with Eka Cox

Georgia is now the hot topic in the wine world, not because it is the new kid on the block - just the opposite. It is one of the oldest wine regions of the world where grapevine cultivation and wine production dates back at least 8,000 years. As does the method of wine making using ‘quevri’, or earthenware amphora.  ‘Quevri’ are filled with the grapes, skins and anything else around, sealed and buried in the ground, sometimes for years apparently. Quevri are still widely used in Georgian wine-making today and the country has a healthy business exporting quevri to many different countries which are experimenting with this method including France, Germany, Australia and South Africa (where Spice Route have just ordered their second batch of quevri).

Eka will be presenting red, white, amber and a semisweet wine and comparing wine made conventionally with wine made in quevri. A Taste of Georgia is a family-run business representing some of the great family-run vineyards in Georgia. They select the wines on visits to Georgia and are on a mission to make Georgian wines better-known.

This will be a great opportunity to learn about Georgia, its wines, this beautiful country's ancient traditions and to taste wine made in both the oldest and now newest method.